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The friends of the constitution take the referendum against the media promotion law!

Media subsidies were already one of the disruptive components of the original version of the Covid Bill, which led to the referendum against the Covid Bill in September 2020.

Fighting this law and promoting FREE journalism are thus a consistent progression on the path we already took last year.

OFCOM (Federal Office of Communications) writes: "The media are of central importance for our direct democracy. They inform the population and thereby enable important debates. However, diminishing returns are a problem for them."
That's why the state has to help them out. Logical, isn't it?

No, it is not that simple

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The state already finances the SRG with compulsory fees to the tune of 1200 million francs annually.
Now rich media groups, which were able to rake in huge profits in Corona times, are also to receive 178 million francs a year from the federal government. In addition, the state will support the media with a further 130 million francs annually through a reduced value-added tax. And in addition, the private radio and TV stations receive 81 million francs from the SRG compulsory licence fee pot.

We, the taxpayers, are therefore allowed to hand over around 1.6 billion Swiss francs annually to support the media!

We don't want a propaganda show!

We want an open, free discourse and this is only possible with media that can look critically at our representatives independently of the state. We do not want one-sided reporting. What we criticise in North Korea - media that hang on the drip of the state - we should not tolerate here either. "Journalistic independence is one of the fundamental values of democratic states. Accordingly, state broadcasters arouse suspicion."

So: what we criticise in dictatorial foreign countries should not find its way into our country either!

All this costs an immense amount! But not only that:
it makes free journalism impossible. How can a newspaper critically comment on a government that ensures its survival? He who pays, commands!

How are we citizens supposed to form an opinion if we are informed in a one-sided way?
This law makes free journalism more difficult!

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State media NO Deadline: 1 October 2021

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