The government's house of cards collapses

The whole narrative around the Covid vaccine has been shown to be misleading!
Vaccines have not been tested for their effectiveness and thus the house of cards is collapsing. In our open letter, we call on parliamentarians to act and to immediately exercise their oversight duty towards the executive.

Bern, 28 October 2022

To our representatives in the National Council and Council of States

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

On 10 October 2022, Pfizer manager Janine Small made it clear to the European Parliament that the so-called Covid vaccine had never been tested to see whether it protected against infection. Similarly, according to an enquiry to Swissmedic by Weltwoche, the vaccine from Moderna was never tested for its effectiveness.

Three days later, the European Commission confirmed in an official hearing that this was indeed the case: The so-called vaccination does not protect against transmission or infection. 

We call on you:

In view of this scandalous fact, we urge you to finally fulfil your supervisory duty as parliamentarians towards the executive.

According to Art. 169 of the Federal Constitution, you "exercise supreme supervision over the Federal Council and the Federal Constitution, the federal courts and the other holders of federal tasks". 

Take action!

The Federal Council and the responsible authorities have tried to force millions of people into vaccination on the basis of massive disinformation, and have done so several times. 

Those who did not want to participate in this now obvious experiment were excluded from social life. 

This amounts to a blatant violation of various fundamental rights. 

Those who did not agree to this human experiment were subjected to constant abuse and disparagement in the media: they were lacking solidarity, were "covidiots", they had to "wait in line" in intensive care units (NR Thierry Burkart) or "forego hospital treatment" (RR Natalie Rickli) - that was the tenor of the response to the unvaccinated. Or they should "state in a living will that (they) renounce intensive treatment in an emergency" (NR Ruth Humbel). These are only a few alarming examples that illustrate how fierce and unrestrained the attacks on the unvaccinated were. 

We call on you:

Immediately initiate a full, independent investigation and reparation for all the suffering caused by the state under the Corona measures. 

In addition to the personal injustice that was created, the Federal Council also squandered billions in taxpayers' money, and this when knowledge about the dubious vaccine had long been available. The vaccine doses were ordered anyway. The pharmaceutical companies were able to rake in unbelievable profits, although the corresponding contracts have not been disclosed to this day. We demand complete transparency here as well.

The vaccinated, on the other hand, bear the risk of possibly having to deal with side effects and late effects without even the slightest vaccination protection. All could experience that many became ill despite (or even because of?) vaccination and booster. Moreover, it has also not been proven that the vaccine would protect against severe courses, as is now being claimed. 

The entire narrative around the Covid vaccine has been shown to be misleading. 

The effects on society as a whole were and are unprecedented. It is now up to you to fulfil your political responsibility and to ensure a ruthless reappraisal and transparency. 

With kind regards

Prisca Guanter Co-President

Dr Christina Rüdiger Board of Directors

Open letter to our representatives in the National Council and Council of States


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