The USA has failed with its applications for the time being.The WHO and the media are silent!

The 75th World Health Assembly of the WHO is scheduled to take place in Geneva on 28 May 2022 with a Setback for the USA has come to an end. Their motions, which would have wanted to force the world under a "world health dictatorship" of the WHO, have failed on the Resistance from China, Iran and some African countries failed. For the time being. Negotiations will continue until 2024. 

It is to be feared that the time will be used to make the African states compliant with promises and threats. 

Of the 13 requests from the USA, the amendment now remains that WHO regulations can come into force after only one year and not after 2 years, as was previously the case. 

Parallel to the negotiations on the US applications, the WHO's pandemic treaty is being pushed forward, the exact contents of which are still unclear. 

What is clear is that the WHO wants to Extend testing and contact tracing, she wants Toughening the fight against "false" information, she would like Implement vaccination strategies nationally.

And about all these processes, which are highly relevant and threatening for the world's population, one finds practically no word in the daily press! The WHO and the media apparently do not want a broad public discussion about this. 

We stand up against it: Let us inform our fellow human beings about these unscrupulous procedures! Let us refuse to accept nonsensical rules! Let's make our MPs aware of this dangerous development with letters and via pressure from the streets!

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