Greeting December 2022

Dear Friends of the Constitution, dear visitors to our website

Shortly before the end of the year, we would like to address you once again, friends of the Friends of the Constitution. If we look back at the last 12 months, things have become quieter on the outside, the measures have been almost completely abolished. Only in hospitals or with individual people on the street does one notice that a very special time is behind us. Unfortunately, we think that this appearance is deceptive. The people behind the scenes are still busy making plans for humanity, for us, according to their ideas. The "Agenda 2030" roadmap is being doggedly pursued, and as recently as October a Another 'business game with the name "Catastrophic Contagion"(in German: Katastrophale Ansteckung) is taking place. And a few days ago, the law that makes all measures in Switzerland 'officially' possible was extended for 18 months (see below). Thus, unfortunately, we are firmly convinced that the citizens' movement and the commitment to our fundamental rights will continue to have a great justification, no: an urgent necessity.

Start of the third referendum

On Friday, 16 December 2022, the National Council decided by a large majority and the Council of States (with the exception of one vote) in unison: the certificate (or the law for it) should be extended until mid-2024 (Link). This is particularly surprising since many views and facts that until a few months ago were attributed exclusively to the crackpots, conspirators and doomsayers are now also being addressed in the public media. For example, it was reported how Pfizer manager Janine Small said at a hearing before the EU Parliament that the Covid vaccine does not protect against infection and transmission (many links in the 'fake' -Fact check), or in the NZZ (False?) statements by Alain Berset are discussed. And that SRF reports on the tragedy of vaccination side effects. And these are just a few examples...
For these reasons, the Friends of the Constitution now also say a third time NO, THANKS to this extension - together with many other organisations from the citizens' movement.
As of now our Signature sheet on the referendum website Downloaded become! If you don't have a printer or just need several sheets, you can also order them free of charge from our Shop order. Now it's up to you: ask all the people around you who gratefully reject these coercive measures to sign it! We are sure to get the required 50,000 signatures by 16 March 2023 - with your great and very valuable help!

All info here:


Even apart from the third referendum, we continue to be diligent: in the cantonal Child protection initiativeswhich we support, other cantons are joining in. On our Website we try to record all of them on a regular basis. In addition, we are in contact with the initiators of the Giacometti Initiative in contact and support Collection actions and people who want to help. At the WHO initiative (Sovereignty Initiative) can start collecting in the coming weeks - you will hear about it. We continue to support the Cash Initiativeas we are firmly convinced that Cash is an essential component of our economic freedom!

Now it only remains for us to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your attention and the commitment that each and every one of you makes! We are sure that all activities, whether large or small, external or internal, make a valuable contribution to making the world and togetherness a place worth living in.

We wish everyone a good end of the year and at least as good a start into the New Year!

Your Board
Roland Bühlmann, Mark Steiner, Samuel Riggenbach

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