If a law is declared urgent by the Federal Council and parliament, this decision must be confirmed by the people within 100 days.

The Giacometti Initiative

The two referenda on the Covid law, which has been declared urgent, have cost the Swiss fundamental rights movement a lot of time and energy in the last two years.

If the Giaccometti Initiative is accepted, the people can decide on urgent federal laws. This is an important strengthening of our direct democracy. However, there is still a long way to go - 100,000 signatures need to be collected. Thus, we call on everyone to support this initiative!

The rights of the citizen must be strengthened - this is one of the most important conclusions of the last two years. The Giaccometti initiative is an important step in this direction. Normally, laws only come into force when the referendum period of 100 days has expired. With the Covid law, which is defacto a "blank cheque" to regulate everything that was even remotely related to pandemic control, the right of referendum was invalidated. It was only possible to vote on faits accomplis and there was a shift of power to the executive.

The initiative ultimately calls for a matter of course: a law that is declared urgent by the Federal Council and parliament must be confirmed by the people within 100 days. In the event of a No vote in such a referendum, a law declared urgent would immediately cease to be in force. The initiative strengthens the rights of citizens in an impressively simple way. That is why the Friends of the Constitution Association also supports this popular initiative.

You can find detailed arguments on the website of the initiative committee.

Please sign today - you can find the signature form here!

The initiative runs until 25 July 2023.

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