Hate is sown in the club

Once again, "The Club" discussed the issue of compulsory vaccination. The program completely lacked balance and diversity of opinion. There were "friends" among themselves who unabashedly spoke out for the exclusion of the so-called unvaccinated.

As always, the starting point was the "dangerous pandemic".
Why is it not finally being evaluated to whom the virus can be dangerous? How severe the courses are in which age group? What the situation is in the intensive care units? What serious side effects, including death, are caused by the vaccinations?

If this was honestly investigated, then the debate about compulsory vaccination would be obsolete. We have known for a long time that 99,75% of all infected people survive this disease, mostly with mild symptoms, just comparable to a moderately severe flu. We know that the average age at death is 85 years. Pre-existing conditions must be added. An article published in the "Lancet" exposes the narrative "pandemic of the unvaccinated" as fake news. The vaccinated population also carries the virus to a relevant extent.1. If it were really about protecting the overall health and wellbeing, the focus would be on the 80+ age group and the younger people with pre-existing illnesses and the rest could live their lives in peace.

But all this is completely ignored in "The Club". Instead, a great danger is conjured up that demonstrably does not exist. Fake news!

There is so much wrong in this pseudo-scientific debate that one does not know where to start. Fabian Molina is talking up the 6th and 7th wave. Francis Cheneval, who works at the University of Zurich, claims that compulsory vaccination is not a taboo, and compares covid with smallpox. Even the nonsense from the mouth of Sanija Ameti, that the vaccination is "highly effective" and the "side effects are less than if you get infected", can hardly be acknowledged with a shake of the head. Okay, she just doesn't know her facts. Because according to the Paul Ehrlich Institute, there were already 1028 suspected deaths in connection with the vaccination in July 2021 and a total of 106,835 suspected cases of side effects, of which more than 10,000 were classified as serious.2.

The facts speak a different language, no matter which assertion one verifies. A study by Prof. Beck, health economist at the University of Lucerne, clearly shows that Unvaccinated people generate less costs for our health system than vaccinated people3. A "punishment" in the form of a fine, for example, would therefore be highly unscientific and not legal.

And n-tv already reported on 12 October 2021 that the proportion of double vaccinated people in intensive care units is increasing.

However, certain statements made in "The Club" weigh very heavily. We can't let Sanija Ameti get away with blaming the unvaccinated for those who died of covid. They are "largely responsible for the deaths". Just like the car driver who runs over a person. This apportionment of blame is outrageous, shameful and stupid at the same time. It would have required indignation and massive opposition from the other participants in the discussion. Making such flat causal connections lacks any logic and is very unscientific. It shows hatred and strife. It divides! She incites the gullible, who believe everything told on television, to be true. With this statement, she is hurting the honour of many completely innocent people.

No, we reject that. Ms Ameti must be stopped. Her performance is reminiscent of the darkest times.

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