Last bastion - our children

No sooner are our children free of nappies and they are forced by the state to wear poisonous "head nappies". In addition, they are terrorised with the mRNA injection.

The aim of terror is to make people compliant through fear, terror and (threatened) violence. Adults have been made compliant within 20 months through propaganda financed with our taxes, blackmail, threats and reprisals. These people are already permanent subscribers to the supposedly alternative-free pharmaceutical crisis prescriptions. This could be the reason why most children do not receive any protection (anymore) from their parents.

Mental and physical integrity is especially guaranteed for children and adolescents in Art. 11 of the Federal Constitution (BV). The children which get tortured by the state with the face mask continue to get younger and younger: The oxygen they absolutely need is forcibly reduced. This results in unnecessary suffering with permanent damage for their entire lives. Several times I have drawn the attention of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to his responsibility to act. No response. Most politicians, priests, teachers, doctors, human rights office-holders and philanthropists also make themselves punishable by ignoring the ban on torture (Art. 10 BV). Everyone can experience for themselves how harmful masks are: A steep path can be walked twice - once with and once without a face nappy. My godson wanted to know more precisely. At the age of 10, he gave a lecture at last year's Summer WEFF Davos on state-organised arbitrariness (Art. 9 BV).

Parents who care about the welfare of their offspring - they still exist. They fight back politically, legally, with peaceful protests and by organising school themselves (e.g. through homeschooling).

Friends of the Constitution play an important role in defending respect for mental and physical integrity. In Regional Groups we organise ourselves. We work together with other organisations that stand up for the dignity of life (Art. 7 BV).


Actions / organisations against torture and for mental & physical integrity: 

More groups and channels offering different solutions to guarantee the physical integrity of our school children can be found on Telegram. 

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