News from Absurdistan

Hospital admissions in the context of Corona are declining and the Swiss healthcare system has coped well with the Corona year 2020 -.
insofar as the findings of the K-Tip in a well-researched and differentiated article. Despite a stable situation, politicians claim that the hospitals are at their limit and justify tightening the Corona measures.

The Federal Council seems to be just as uninterested in the factual basis regarding the dangerousness of Covid-19 as it is in the situation in the hospitals. After the extension of the certificate obligation, the vaccination offensive now follows so that he can protect the population.

1700 counsellors are to be deployed, who will work with Phone calls and home visits to try to persuade the unvaccinated.

In addition, anyone who convinces a person who has not yet been vaccinated to undergo gene therapy will receive a voucher of CHF 50.

The Federal Council's sales offensive for the pharmaceutical industry will cost the taxpayer an estimated CHF 150 million.

The question arises: What image of humanity does the Federal Council have? Does it consider us citizens to be circus animals? who are given a carrot or a piece of sugar in front of their noses to make them do what you want them to do? What's next? A bonus for loyalty to the government?
Will there soon be gifts if you vote the way the government wants?
The Federal Council is making a joke of itself.

A small miracle

In any case, the imunologist Daniel Spieser already positions over 20-Minuten the next treat. "It is absolutely possible that we can celebrate Christmas without measures if the vaccination offensive succeeds." With two vaccinations, freedom will return and everything will be fine - that is the tenor of the government and the experts who have been asked to speak.

"And if you are not willing, then I need violence."

This verse from Goethe's Erlkönig inevitably comes to mind when listening to the chief official Peter Indra. The head of the Office of Health in the Canton of Zurich told a team of reporters from ZDF:

"Basically, in a pandemic, a benign dictatorship is a good way to manage the pandemic."

No, Mr Indra, we see it differently! We live in a democracy. The right to physical and mental integrity still applies!

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