Prof. Michael Esfeld in conversation

"What is happening now is dangerous for the democracy".

The certificate conveys a false sense of security, says philosopher Michael Esfeld. The patronising policy of the Federal Council would incapacitate the citizens. If people were no longer accepted as free and responsible beings, science and democracy would be destroyed.

In a bright apartment, surrounded by nature, full of books and clearly inhabited by a family with children - we are welcomed by Michael Esfeld in a friendly, uncomplicated and very warm way. We are immediately engaged in a conversation.

Esfeld is a professor of philosophy of science at the University of Lausanne and a member of the Leopoldina, the German Academy of Sciences. In the Corona discussion, he stands out for his clear positions in defence of freedom and fundamental rights.

Professor Esfeld is also the author of the article "The open society and its new enemies" in which he highlights the dangers of government policies to contain the covid epidemic.

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