Dear Mr von Burg

You are an important man. As head of politics at the Sonntagszeitung, you have a huge reach. You shape the political discourse and when you call for a change of political course, your words have a great impact in the country.

Let's not fool ourselves: You and I are not going to be friends. In the debate on pandemic control, we hold positions that could not be more opposite. I am convinced that the measures to combat the pandemic are doing more harm than good and should therefore be stopped immediately. I consider the experimental mRNA method, which you refer to as "vaccination", to be extremely dangerous. You, in turn, see our activities as equally dangerous. That is to be accepted and the discourse about it may be conducted in a sharp-tongued manner. That is what you are doing. You dish it out. And not too scarcely. Anyone who decides against the experimental mRNA vaccines is a "vaccination refuser" for you. You call for "compulsory vaccination" and quite blatantly for the exertion of "every conceivable pressure". You wrote these words deliberately. It is an open call for exclusion and violence. Quite deliberately, you do not exclude even the most extreme measures, which should have no place in a civilised society. Some consider your statements to be justiciable. But of course, Mr von Burg, you know that the powerful are behind you.

All of this is up to you. But there is an elephant in the room that we need to talk about. That fact is: I would only have the Covid "vaccination" administered to me under torture or physical duress. And I am not the only one. We are a minority, but we are there. We are many. And we are human beings.

This fact and your demands raise questions. How should people like me be treated in our society? I have already come to terms with the fact that I will most likely be excluded from social life. Restaurants, bars, clubs, ski lifts, even public transport, which I help to finance, will all soon be tempi passati for me. I can live with it, others have it worse. I know people who have lost their jobs because of compulsory vaccination and now have to live in a caravan with their children. Whole families are thrown into extreme poverty. Because they refuse a pharmaceutical product. That is also your work, Mr von Burg. How does that make you feel?

An acquaintance of mine literally collapsed under the pressure you demanded. He accepted the "vaccination", which he feared so much that he collapsed when it was administered, then rushed to the toilet, threw up, vomited the pressure and fear - pardon - off his chest. Are you proud of yourself, Mr von Burg?

How far are you prepared to go if I and the other people who insist on their right to determine their own bodies do not yet cave in even under economic pressure and in the face of extreme poverty? What will your demand be if the last 20% do not cave in even under the inhuman pressure already being exerted and envisaged?

Mr von Burg, what does "every conceivable pressure" mean?

With kind regards

Michael Bubendorf

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