SOLDidarity from the Federal House

On 13 February, Switzerland will once again be able to vote. Each time, the recommendation of the political actors can be read on the red voting booklet.
At Admin videos on the proposals can be viewed. For years, economic efficiency has been a central argument for rejecting referendums and initiatives - which were brought about with the sweat of the people. But - which economy is supposed to benefit? As always, most of the so-called representatives of the people are on the side of the very big companies. They like to talk about favouring SMEs. But what is then promoted and saved is really, really big:  That's where the additional SOLD comes from. 

Of all people, those who in the last 20 months have caused hundreds of SMEs to file for bankruptcy, thousands of employees to lose their economic livelihoods and the suicide rate to skyrocket so much, that you don't even want to publish them, tell us where to write YES or NO.

For years, the vast majority of political actors have been violating our constitution - without consequences. There is manipulation and trickery in media appearances, press conferences and in the voting booklet. The PolitSOLDat/innen disappoint me: So the deception is gone - so I'm turning the whole thing on its head:

YES YES, to genuine solidarity (popular initiatives).

NO NO, to subsidising the very, very big.

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