Madness everywhere you look!

Many scientists no longer do justice to their actual task. They set standards and issue recommendations for politicians instead of focusing on research. In doing so, they ultimately abolish science itself.

Science, as we used to learn in school, must be research freely. It must allow different opinions to be validated, it needs a diversity of viewpoints.
It is not an erratic block, but constantly in search of knowledge. It is in a constant process of searching for truth, from which no norms or instructions for action can be derived. It establishes what is, not what should be. How political decision-makers should act must be negotiated with the social actors and the current requirements. Mixing facts and norms is fatal and ultimately destroys what science claims to be. It destroys itself.

We are currently observing this erosion of scientific foundations worldwide.

An evidence-based justification for all the extreme measures - is unfortunately missing!

Would you like an example? In the editorial of the renowned magazine "science" from the 26.11.2021, "Vax the world" (Vaccinate the world!), the article states that the Covid 19 pandemic has led to more injustice in the world and has plunged an additional 100 million people into poverty. The immunisation already achieved for polio, tuberculosis, malaria is declining dramatically because medical care has been interrupted by the pandemic. And the way out of this highly dramatic situation: vaccinate everyone. This is the only way to overcome this global crisis.

The world is upside down. A so-called Covid 19 pandemic is declared. Through lockdowns1 and similar drastic measures, the economies of the industrialised nations will be severely damaged. The article talks about a loss of 12 trillion dollars by 2025, and the vaccination is presented as the solution by scientists to this global crisis. An emergency vaccination where it is already known that the immunity wears off after a few months, does not offer full protection against infection and sometimes has severe side effects.

And all this in the name of science! There are madmen at work!


1 According to Norbert Häring: Endspiel des Kapitalismus (2021), the lockdown was very lucrative for Jeff Bezos (Amazon boss). He earned $1,000 million every three days since mid-March 2020!

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