Finally end the measures!

The Federal Council has a problem. It wants to vaccinate the entire population - for whatever reason.

He does not want to impose compulsory vaccination. Of course, then he would be responsible for all consequential damage. But he doesn't want to take that on himself.

But it harasses all those who do not want to be vaccinated. It excludes a large part of the population from social life: the unvaccinated are no longer allowed to go to restaurants, to the fitness centre, even the libraries remain closed to them. Yes, even access to educational institutions is massively impeded for the young. They are only allowed to study if they pass a test, which they have to renew every two days. This is an almost insurmountable hurdle for students.

But now the Federal Council has come up with a new idea. It is launching a "vaccination offensive". He wants to encourage people to vaccinate. Without further ado, he is making 100 million francs available for this purpose. No problem. He doesn't have to pay for it out of his own pocket.

So we are now experiencing a vaccination week. But it is lame. People are coming slowly. And this despite the fact that even artists are being brought in to attract the young people. But everywhere there is a yawning void. Even the "vaccination concerts" don't help. No wonder that the low interest is again blamed on the vaccination sceptics. But no! They have not hoarded concert tickets. The problem is: people see through the plan. They don't want to take part in this large-scale experiment.

We suggest that the Federal Council read through its own Covid law again: It says there:

2 If the adult part of the population willing to be vaccinated is sufficiently vaccinated, the capacity restrictions for publicly accessible facilities and businesses as well as events and private gatherings shall be lifted. Adequate protection concepts are possible, provided they are proportionate.

So, the population willing to be vaccinated is vaccinated! Finally end the measures!

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