Antifa or The Useful Idiots

The left-wing extremists have recently become the accomplices of Big Pharma, Big Tech, the financial elite and the ladies and gentlemen of the WEF. Opposition to the powerful?
Once upon a time.

Antifa: Until now, this was associated with a bunch of people dressed mostly in black, hooded, very ready for violence. Little theoretical foundation, but all the more shouting. And a lot of opposition: against the state, the authorities, the WEF. So to speak: break what breaks you.

Change of scene: On Saturday 23rd of October, the opponents of the Covid measures held a legendary demonstration in Bern. Legendary because of the incredibly large number of demonstrators and the decidedly peaceful atmosphere.

And then this happened (of course you couldn't read about it in the leading media): A horde of Antifa sympathisers stormed the bus of a group of visitors from Fricktal at the end of the demonstration. It was an attack that could have ended badly. Bus windows were broken because the mob threw large stones at the bus. It didn't matter to them that some people had already taken their seats there. The passengers threw themselves on the floor in fright: one was covered with glass splinters. Another had a bump on the head.

Police free zone

The police, who had professionally protected the visitors against this horde during the demonstration, were also briefly pelted with stones by the Antifa. There were no consequences. After the bus attack, the police also took their time to clarify the incident. The horde took refuge in the Reithalle, the left-wing extremist "cultural" center, which was not searched as it is protected by the city government. The police did not receive a search warrant despite their request to the public prosecutor's office. And so the Reitschule remained "police-free", as the Anarchist Group Bern cheered on Twitter. Nota bene, no police officer has entered the area for 10 years. Reto Nause (Die Mitte), the security director of the city of Bern, also remained silent. Which says a lot. And the mainstream media ignored it. Was there something in Bern?

Serious incident in Winterthur

A serious incident also occurred in Winterthur at the same time. A masked man approached a Mass-Voll information stand and pushed a cake into the face of a young woman who was distributing campaign material there. He then fled unrecognised on a bicycle. Naturally, the charges against the unknown person came to nothing.

Who is actually fighting against whom here?

Opponents of the measures are resisting what they see as the Federal Council's unjustified verdicts and its authoritarian, almost totalitarian style of leadership. They can hardly make themselves heard in the mainstream media. They are in opposition, and that is truly no pleasure. There is a fierce headwind coming! Those who do not want to be vaccinated feel the pressure of the state. There is no mercy!

Antifa does the dirty work

And the Antifa? The so-called Black Bloc, which likes to pretend to be anti-capitalist? Suddenly it is on the side of the state! It helps the police, and the police are cosying up to the hordes from the riding school. Antifa does the dirty work: violent, vulgar, primitive. It makes itself an accomplice of the state! It works into the hands of the big corporations, the capitalists they supposedly hate! Those who shamelessly enrich themselves from the pandemic: Jeff Bezos of Amazon, for example, became one billion dollars richer every three days! Dollars richer every three days! (Source: Milena Preradovic in conversation with Norbert Häring) The hordes of Antifa are de facto the accomplices of Big Pharma, Big Tech, the financial elite, the ladies and gentlemen of the WEF. No more opposition. No rebellion against the state.

There is no other way to put it: they are the useful idiots!

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