Voting rights appeal against voting booklet

The text of the Covid 19 law in the June 13, 2021 ballot book is the one passed by the House on September 25, 2020. However, since its entry into force, the law has been massively tightened several times. The Friends of the Constitution have written to the Federal Council asking it to communicate these changes. Unfortunately, the Federal Chancellery's response showed no intention of informing the electorate correctly.

In the last few days, the friends of the constitution have received a veritable flood of messages from outraged voters. Many Swiss see the Federal Council's actions as a deliberate and intentional deception. There have been calls on social media to file voting rights complaints en masse.

The outrage at the government's more than questionable and unethical actions is very understandable to Friends of the Constitution. We are in contact with selected complainants and consider it very reasonable for individual voters to file a complaint. These complaints must be properly drafted, for which sufficient legal knowledge is required.

It does not serve the cause if the authorities are flooded with a multitude of complaints. On the contrary, the prospect of success of a voting rights complaint is diminished if it competes with a multitude of other complaints that are at best insufficiently substantiated or tainted with formal errors.

We hope that the Federal Council will seize the opportunity to correct the mistakes made so far by means of active communication.

Our letter to the Federal Council and the Federal Chancellery's response can be found below.

Letter to the Federal Council


Answer Federal Chancellery


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