Velocorso for freedom

An experience report

Last Sunday, 10 October, 61 Friends of the Constitution rode together around Lake Lucerne. The weather was perfect for the committed activists, as the foggy cold gave way to warm autumn sunshine in the afternoon. Dressed in bike shirts with campaign slogans for the vote on 28th November, equipped with cowbells on the steering wheel or on trailers, pennants, posters and stickers on their bikes, made the presence of the Corso visible and audible. From Stans to Lucerne, followed by a detour into the hollow alley near Küssnacht via Weggis, Vitznau and Gersau on to Brunnen, finally to Altdorf .Wherever the train stopped, the shout of "Liberté" rang out loudly and courageously, spontaneous applause from passerby could be heard as well as joyful honking on the busy Axen road. From Lucerne to Weggis, the happy cyclists were also accompanied by a police vehicle, and the officers were able to see for themselves that the corso was obeying the traffic rules. The Video report you will find here and here

The successful event was rounded off by a spontaneous event at the farm in Altdorf, where they were greeted with pumpkin soup, bread and sausages. Some "Freiheitstrychler" and those felt part of it in this moment, gave positive energy to all present, scaring the evil spirits and the madness of the measures away with the positive atmosphere and the sounds of the bells.

The event was organised very well, a peaceful and strong sign of people, which stood for an open, self-determined society, against discrimination and division of society even though not all of them were experienced cyclists. A big thank you to the two organisers and athletes, Christin and Matthias. Such actions show the spirit of our movement: Committed people with heart, courage and creativity who stand up and stand out for a better Switzerland and who are happy to leave their comfort zone to do so.

Interested in more Velocorsos can be found in the Telegram channel. The next organised rally is planned for the Speeches for Saturday, 16th October, in Rapperswil.

Markus Häni

Board Friends of the Constitution

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