11.08.2022, by News Team

Friends of the Constitution to hold referendum against Covid Bill

The Friends of the Constitution will fight the extension of the Covid law with another referendum. They want to limit the undemocratic power of the Federal Council. If the people's representatives in Bern do not do it, then it is our task to prevent the division of society by the discriminatory and useless Covid certificate at the ballot box if necessary.

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22.07.2022, from News Team

Our children and young people are in danger!

The cantonal child protection initiative "No coercion against children and young people" provides a remedy at school!

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15.07.2022, from News Team

Friends of the Constitution launch cantonal initiative to protect children and young people

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13.06.2022, by News Team

Sign the Giacometti Initiative now and strengthen the people's rights

Urgently declared federal laws should be submitted to a vote of the people. This is what the Giacometti Initiative demands. With your signature you strengthen the sovereign and direct democracy.

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21.03.2022, by Alec Gagneux

Without cash money, neither freedom nor resistance is possible

Since the 2018 Full Money Initiative explained that electronic money is "fake money", I only pay my taxes with the only legal means of payment (Art. 99 BV): cash. The democratically non-legitimised powers-that-be from the WEF or the "Better Than Cash Alliance" want to abolish cash as quickly as possible. The head of the [...]

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27.11.2021, by News Team


On the interview with Sergio Morandi (Amici de la Costituzione) who explains the motivations that led the promoters to ask the referendum question asking the people to vote against the tightening of the Covid law in Switzerland.

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17.11.2021, by News Team

Call to vote NO to the Covid Act

On 28 November, Swiss voters will decide whether to toughen the Covid Act.

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16.11.2021, by News Team

Federal Council and Parliament deceive the sovereign!

Petition for a fair vote

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01.11.2021, by News Team

The Confederation deceives the sovereign

- the voting question is completely one-sided!

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