19.10.2023, by Samuel Riggenbach

Update: Trinational Demo

Media release Friends of the Constitution, 19.10.2023, 10:45 Ban on trinational demonstration on 21.10.2023 According to a media release by the Basel police, all demonstrations in Basel are banned from Friday, 20.10.2023 17:00 to Sunday, 22.10.2023. This also applies to the trinational demonstration planned by the Friends of the Constitution. Yesterday evening we received the written cancellation by mail ("withdrawal of the permit of 21 October [...]

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09.05.2022, from News Team

Interview with Dr Philipp Gut (video)

Many have had the impression over the last two years that our media have reported in striking unison. In this interview with journalist and book author Dr Philipp Gut, we discuss the state of the media in Switzerland and his experiences as a journalist.

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05.05.2022, from News Team

Freedom of the press in Switzerland is in danger! That's right!

On Wednesday 4 May, one could read in the NZZ 1 and hear on the radio the day before that "Journalists without Borders" had catapulted Switzerland to 14th place - 4 points down - in their annual "Press Freedom Ranking".

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10.04.2022, by News Team

Framing at its best

Instead of finally taking a journalistically meticulous look at the ruinous measures against the Corona "pandemic", the Tages-Anzeiger uses last week's kidnapping case in Zurich to discredit the citizens' movement.

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14.02.2022, by News Team

A good day for direct democracy!

Common sense has triumphed. On the last Sunday of the referendum, the people clearly sank the extreme media law at the ballot box. For the Federal Council and the "media minister" Simonetta Sommaruga, this is a resounding slap in the face.

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12.01.2022, by News Team

Why the friends of the constitution say no to the package of media measures!

An important referendum will take place on 13 February. It is about a new subsidy law that comes under the deceptive name "package of measures in favour of the media".

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06.12.2021, by News Team

Hate is sown in the club

Once again, "The Club" discussed the issue of compulsory vaccination. The program completely lacked balance and diversity of opinion. There were "friends" among themselves who unabashedly spoke out for the exclusion of the so-called unvaccinated.

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29.11.2021, from external source

Million booster for rich publishing houses

The Confederation is supporting the media during the Corona pandemic with tens of millions of francs. The main beneficiaries are the rich and big publishing houses.

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26.11.2021, by News Team

Newspaper article in the Corriere del Ticino from 26.11.2021

Dear friends, today an open letter was published to Dr. Merlani asking for clarifications on some of his public statements.

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