13.11.2021, by News Team

ABAZ Square Talk in Baden on 11.11.1021

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05.11.2021, by News Team

Antifa or The Useful Idiots

The left-wing extremists have recently become the accomplices of Big Pharma, Big Tech, the financial elite and the ladies and gentlemen of the WEF. Opposition to the powerful? That was once upon a time.

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04.11.2021, by News Team

Punish one, educate hundreds!

It does not matter whether this saying actually comes from Mao or whether it is only attributed to him: One thing is for sure, the instruction to act works!

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07.08.2021, by Markus Häni

Newsletter of 30.7.21 "Two Anniversaries - A Look Back and A Look Forward"

A statement from the author Markus Häni

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