30.04.2024, by Roland Bühlmann

Fireside chat Roland Bühlmann with former Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer

On 26 April 2024, more than 200 people gathered in Auw to experience an interesting evening of politics. Under the moderation of Philipp Gut, former Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer, who gave insights into the everyday life of a Federal Councillor, and Roland Bühlmann talked about pressing political issues such as corona, climate, the state of parliament and the media. The whole conversation [...]

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30.04.2024, by Roland Bühlmann

Sovereignty demo on 27 April 2024 in Bern

MASS-VOLL! and the Friends of the Constitution organised the sovereignty demo on the Bundesplatz in Bern. It was great to see so many people from the movement. Interesting and entertaining speakers always supported by the freedom activists. The whole demo can be seen here: https://hoch2.tv/sendung/240429-news-demo/

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23/04/2024, by Alessia Zanoni

Sovereignty demos

STOP WHO pandemic pact and IHR Switzerland is rising up against the WHO pandemic pact and the IHR. Together we are standing up for our sovereignty: join us in Bern and send a strong signal for our fundamental rights! Sovereignty demo 1 Saturday, 27 April 2024, Bern, Bundesplatz Start: 16:00 🎥 A semi-circle will be set up in front of the stage for journalists from [...]

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27.03.2023, by Samuel Riggenbach

Spring News

Referendum 3 Emergency Rights Initiative Canton of Zurich Child Protection Initiative Zurich Giacometti Initiative Reappraisal Initiative Sovereignty Initiative    

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26.07.2022, from News Team

Now monkeypox!

6000 infected people worldwide! The course of the disease is usually mild! Infection routes known!But: "WHO declares monkeypox outbreak an emergency of international concern".

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04.06.2022, by News Team

Letter to parliamentarians

For some time now, the WHO, in conjunction with the EU, has been preparing a so-called "pandemic pact", the ultimate consequence of which is a serious threat to our Swiss sovereignty. We have written a letter to our parliamentarians to draw their attention to this threatening process. They must stop the Federal Council.

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30.05.2022, from News Team

The USA has failed with its applications for the time being.The WHO and the media are silent!

The 75th World Health Assembly of the WHO ended in Geneva on 28 May 2022 with a defeat for the USA.

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15.05.2022, from News Team

Danger ahead!

Although the mainstream media are keeping the issue practically under wraps, it has now leaked out that the WHO, in conjunction with the EU and the other WHO member states, wants to conclude a global pandemic treaty in 2024. What comes across as preventive health care actually amounts to the disempowerment of sovereign states. 

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19.04.2022, by News Team

No to the WHO pandemic treaty!

"The state of emergency will be the normality." Karl Lauterbach on 15 March 2022 1

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