Eternal "worst case" logic of the Federal Council: illegal and unconstitutional

Statement of the Committee Board on the Federal Council's (FDHA) position paper - Committee of Jurists


The Federal Council abolished the "special situation" on 30 March 2022 ( and, on the same day, to the cantons a "basic paper (" for comment. In it, it declares a "transitional phase until at least spring 2023" due to allegedly "continuing uncertainties" in connection with the "Covid 19 pandemic". During this time, the Confederation and the cantons should be able to reactivate all previous measures at any time, in addition to certain preparatory measures.

???? In doing so, the Federal Council completely ignores overdue and imperative findings from the Covid 19 crisis of the last 27 months. Accordingly, the Federal Council continues to rely on a long-outdated WHO concept of pandemic management:

❌ PCR tests proven to be unsuitable for diagnostic purposes;

❌ arbitrary isolation and systematic expansion of contact tracing;

❌ anti-constitutional 3G regime;

❌ ineffective, risky mRNA vaccinations;

❌ Negotiations on WHO competence extensions.

Instead, long overdue measures must be ensured:

✅ independent, critical review of the BR's entire "pandemic management" to date (quality control);

✅ Methods for reliable disease diagnosis;

✅ sufficient hospital and staff capacities;

✅ Long-known and effective alternatives to mRNA injections must be approved and publicised.

In addition, the Federal Council must break off all negotiations with the WHO that would degrade Switzerland to a mere recipient of instructions from the WHO under the pretext of a "pandemic" (arbitrarily declared by the WHO). The power to decide on the duration of emergency regulations, special competences and special measures must remain in Switzerland according to the valid Federal Constitution 1999. Democracy, fundamental rights and the separation of powers must also be protected in "pandemic" times.

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