15.08.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

Tamedia unleashes boundless hatred against the unvaccinated

"The Federal Council and the cantons must now put all possible pressure on vaccination refusers." This is what Denis von Burg, head of politics at Tamedia, writes.

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07.08.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

Deliberately misunderstood

Ringier and Tamedia play dumb I demanded in the programme "Club" that compulsory measures be abandoned, regardless of infectious mortality. by Michael Bubendorf

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05.08.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

"Blick" spreads trivialising anti-Semitism tweet

One can be divided on the question of measures. It can and should be debated whether coercive measures by the state are suitable for containing a pandemic or not.

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28.07.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

Off to the hunt

Now, these critics of measures, they are somewhat abstruse people. Aren't they?

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28.06.2021, by columnist

For freedom and fundamental rights

A guest post by Philipp Gut on June 28, 2021 Published in: Die Ostschweiz

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25.05.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The Basel Express

regularly features important voices from the civil rights movement. But not everyone likes it. Individual readers called on advertisers to boycott the paper in the future.

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20.05.2021, by Michael Bubendorf

The NZZ fails on the Covid law

The NZZ spreads out the Federal Council's arguments on one page. There is no trace of a factual or even critical debate.

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15.05.2021, by Werner Boxler

"We need to tear up the blank check that was given to the government"

Werner Boxler is one of the leading figures opposing the Covid 19 bill being put before the people. He calls the law anti-freedom.

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